How To Make Up Your Own Bedtime Stories for Children

Bedtime stories are part of childhood memories for most of us, even now a lot of parents tell bedtime stories for their children. I believe, that it’s one of the things that won’t get affected by how old it is.

Bedtime stories have a lot of benefits for children like it makes them want to read more, develop their imagination and it makes them want to learn more about how things work in this world.

Sometimes or some children don’t show interest in the stories their parents tell because they find it boring or it might be repeated ideas but with different methods. Day by day children will start hating it and prefer sleeping without it or using their smart tablets than hearing it.

That’s why today I’ll show you a way that will let you as a parent or a big sibling come up with an interesting story for bedtime stories.

 First of all, chose any doll, toy or a cartoon character your child really like let’s say my child favorite toy is a soldier his name is “han”                 

Now we have the main character of the story, we need a goal for the story

Something that will make your child learn from, get the benefit of it, what are the consequences of not doing it, how the society will react, …etc.

You can open the door of your imagination as far as you want to, because the more unreal things the story has the more your child is going to like it and makes him come back for more.

In fact, this method which is creating and telling your own stories also helps you as an adult to develop your imagination skills. Since as we grow up our imagination becomes limited and we become more logical.

You can also let your child make his own story from time to time to develop his creativity and writing stories skills.

Now I’ll let you read my example story I hope you like it!!

A long time ago there was a brave soldier in his twenties named “Han”, he stood against the most powerful enemies in the name of his kingdom, he even was honored by the king himself as the bravest soldier the kingdom have ever seen. Fear sits inside other kingdoms just by hearing his name.

Han also has a family to take care of as he’s the eldest brother and he needs to take care of his ill father, mother, two brothers, and one little sister. that’s why he decided to become a soldier in the first place. But the powerful he gets the most he forgets his family…

Until one day he had a dream where he reached his goal of being more powerful and strong and everyone know him as he is the one who protect the king himself. But on the other side his family was ashamed and sad of him and the other citizens in his village as well because he ditched his family for the seek of him to reach his dream. Then he realized that the love the kingdom give to him is fake! They only do because they are scared of being killed

From that day Han decided to balance between his work and the ones he loves because, in the end, they are the ones who truly love him and will stay by his side until the end.

and that’s it for today i hope you enjoyed reading

thank you!!


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