Watch Us Make an Ice Cream Sandwich Cake!

Hey, guys!

We just came out with a new video on the Get Creative Club YouTube channel! You can watch my sister help her 5-year-old son make a delicious 4-ingredient ice cream sandwich cake.

The editing process was really fun and didn’t take that long apart from a few details I had to fix. My nephew is so adorable! I kept laughing at some of the things he said while editing it. He’s such a sweet and helpful little boy.

The video was filled with funny moments, but there were so many so I decided to pick the best ones for the video. My favorite part is when he added the M&M’s. ?

This is my first time editing a video in a while so I forgot how much fun it was! I’m definitely planning on editing more videos in the future.

Anyways, make sure to keep an eye out for more cute and creative videos!

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