Super Easy, Cute Snowman Family/ Art Tutorial

The first thing you think of when you hear the word “Winter” is probably “Cold” or “Snow”, and since it is winter time right now as i’m making this post, I’ve decided to make a cute winter themed art tutorial for all of the people out there who just love the winter!

So grab your art tablet! or pencils and Sketchbooks and lets start drawing with this “Cute Snowman Family Tutorial)!

Step 1: Draw 4 circles, 2 snowman heads and 2 bodies.The head circles should be a little bit smaller than the body circles.

Step 2: draw 4 twigs for the snowmen’s hands

Step 3: Draw 2 hats for the snowmen. 1 with a bow for the girl and 1 with a ball for the boy.

Step 4: Draw 2 scarves for the snowmen. 1 stripe for the boy and 1 with a bow for the girl.

Step 5: Draw a cute little baby snowball in front of the snowman.

Step 6: Erase the highlighted parts of the drawing to make everything clean and neater.(The snowmen’s head circles, the top part of the body circles under the scarves,and a part of the bottom circle in behind the baby snowball.

*It should look like this after erasing the highlighted areas:

Step 7: Draw Smiley faces on the snowmen and add eyelashes for the girl.

Step 8: Color your snowman family using your favorite colors!

I chose Red and pink for the girl and blues for the boy.

I hope you liked this tutorial! be sure to

send me a picture of your snowman family drawing so I can add it to the guest gallery!

  you can also download a printout of this drawing as a coloring page soon!

If you would like to see another tutorial like this comment your ideas below!

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