Quick and Easy Ground Beef Burgers

Ground beef burgers is a simple and easy meal for a busy weeknight, check out the super easy quick recipe!



Serves 6


-2 lb ground beef (thawed)

-1 onion sliced

-salt and pepper

-seasoning salt

-garlic powder

-onion powder

-Some lettuce

-2 tomatoes




-6 burger buns

-6 slices of turkey ham

-6 cheddar cheese slices

– 1 bag of fries



1- cook onions in a pan and transfer to plate.

2- cook turkey ham or bacon in the pan.

3- preheat oven to (450 F) degrees

4-Mix together ground beef and seasonings (just sprinkle a random amount but not too much).

5-Shape ground beef mixture into 6 patties

6-place burger patties on lightly greased baking sheet and put in oven for 15 minutes until its done.

7-add cheese on top of burger patties when done to melt.

8- put burger patties on burger buns and top with your favorite condiments, lettuce and tomatoes.


1-Put fries in airfryer on (400) degrees, for 10-15 minutes

  • Tip:shake the airfryer basket every few minutes to cook fries thoroughly.

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