Minecraft Car Seat Poncho In 11 Easy steps For Beginners

*Video coming soon!


Car seat ponchos are the perfect way to keep your a little one warm and safe in the winter time. In this tutorial I will show you how to make one step by step.Β 

-Before you start make sure you pick out a material that the little one will like or you can take them to pick out the material themselves for more fun.

My son was obsessed with minecraft so of course that’s the one he chose.

*Size fits from new born till about 3 years


-2 yards (cut in half) of green fleece fabric

-1 yard of Minecraft friends cotton fabric

-Sewing machine

-green thread

-Black thread

-Sharp scissors

-Any hood pattern

-Any Creeper face picture (you can get it from google)

-cat helper


Step 1:

Measure your kid from neck to desired length, then Lay out the fabric and fold it in half twice. I wanted mine to be a little bit longer but my fabric only measured about 19 inches so that’s what I used.

Step 2:

Find the special corner on the fabric (the corner that has less layers to it) and pin the beginning of your measuring tape in place. While holding the measuring tape in place at the pin , move the other end slowly around the fabric while marking it with chalk or pins till you reach the top end to make a semi circle shape. Then cut out the semi circle but keep the pins in.

Step 3:

Lay out and fold up the other two fabrics the same way as the first one. Then put all 3 layers on top of each other with the semi circle on the top (making sure the special corners are in the right places). Now cut out the 2 layers following the semi circle layer as a pattern.

Step 4:


Cut out the neck hole for one layer in the corner of the semi circle by using a circle jar or lid to mark around. Only cut out a little at a time and try it on over the kid’s head to see if it’ll fit. If you cut out too much it’ll be hard to fix later. After you’re sure about the neck hole size then follow it to cut out the other 2 neck holes. * The cotton fabric might need to be cut a little bit bigger than the fleece because it doesn’t have any stretch to it.

Step 5:


Open up the fabric layers, and lay out one green fleece layer with the good side facing up, then lay the Minecraft fabric with the good side facing down and the other green fleece fabric facing down on top of that. Now pin it all up around the edges and the neck hole. Then sew all around the bottom edge of the poncho.

Step 6:

Cut around the sewn edges to make it neat (careful not to cut any thread), then through the neck hole grab 1 green layer with the Minecraft layer and pull it out till the poncho has one good Minecraft layer showing on the front and one good green fleece layer showing on the back.

Step 7:

Give some of the long fabric scraps to the kitty to keep him busy.

Step 8:

Top stitch over the good side of the minecraft fabric, Then sew up the neck hole.

Step 9:

Cut out your hood pattern and Creeper face pattern. Sew up hood then attach Creeper face to the top with fabric glue and by sewing over it. This cute little enderman helped me model the hood .

Step 10:

Attach the completed hood to the poncho by putting the hood through the neck hole upside down, pinning it ,then sewing around the circle.

*tip you can also add a normal zipper or a 2 way zipper like I did a bit later.

Step 11:

Show off your new creation and enjoy!

-What do you think about car seat ponchos? tell us in the comments below!

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