Digital Art vs Traditional Art: Which Is Really Better?

There are many differences between

digital art and traditional art that

you should know.


1- Costs

For digital art, the only things you might need to pay for are:

  1. an Art tablet

A good art tablet can be

  1. a laptop
  2. or a media tablet and a stylus pen


For traditional art you might need many things such as:

  1. Paints
  2. paintbrushes
  3. an apron
  4. canvases etc……

and some things you’ll need to buy many times which can get quite expensive.

2- Mess

  • Traditional art is a lot messier than digital art, especially when using paints and water.
  • for digital art you might only need to keep your tablet or whatever you’re using wiped clean.

3- mistakes

  • with digital art it is easier to fix mistakes simply by pressing the undo button or using the eraser on the layer where the mistake is.
  • With traditional there are no layers so you’ll have to go over the paint  to fix any mistakes.


  • With traditional art you can feel the texture of the paper or paint but with digital art you can only feel the texture of the tablet you’re using.


  • Digital art is very portable depending on what you’re using. you might need to pack everything in one or multiple bags if you want to take your work in progress with you to a different place.

6- Work space

  • For both digital art and traditional art ,how much work space you need also depends on what tools you’re using.

7- tools

  • Digital art and traditional art both share the same kinds of  tools but some are used in different ways.


  • Sharing your digital and traditional art can be done by printing it out or posting it to art websites or social media.


9- layers

  • For digital art you can draw and color on different separate layers, but for traditional art there are no layers.

10- time

The amount of time you spend on digital or traditional art both depend on how much practice you had and the difficulty  of the art piece youre trying to create.

So which one do you think is better?

Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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