Watch Us Make an Ice Cream Sandwich Cake!

Hey, guys!

We just came out with a new video on the Get Creative Club YouTube channel! You can watch my sister help her 5-year-old son make a delicious 4-ingredient ice cream sandwich cake.

The editing process was really fun and didn’t take that long apart from a few details I had to fix. My nephew is so adorable! I kept laughing at some of the things he said while editing it. He’s such a sweet and helpful little boy.

The video was filled with funny moments, but there were so many so I decided to pick the best ones for the video. My favorite part is when he added the M&M’s. 😋

This is my first time editing a video in a while so I forgot how much fun it was! I’m definitely planning on editing more videos in the future.

Anyways, make sure to keep an eye out for more cute and creative videos!

Quick and Easy Ground Beef Burgers

Ground beef burgers is a simple and easy meal for a busy weeknight, check out the super easy quick recipe!



Serves 6


-2 lb ground beef (thawed)

-1 onion sliced

-salt and pepper

-seasoning salt

-garlic powder

-onion powder

-Some lettuce

-2 tomatoes




-6 burger buns

-6 slices of turkey ham

-6 cheddar cheese slices

– 1 bag of fries



1- cook onions in a pan and transfer to plate.

2- cook turkey ham or bacon in the pan.

3- preheat oven to (450 F) degrees

4-Mix together ground beef and seasonings (just sprinkle a random amount but not too much).

5-Shape ground beef mixture into 6 patties

6-place burger patties on lightly greased baking sheet and put in oven for 15 minutes until its done.

7-add cheese on top of burger patties when done to melt.

8- put burger patties on burger buns and top with your favorite condiments, lettuce and tomatoes.


1-Put fries in airfryer on (400) degrees, for 10-15 minutes

  • Tip:shake the airfryer basket every few minutes to cook fries thoroughly.

Amazing Quick and Easy buffalo Chicken Salad To Make Now!


Quick and Easy Buffalo Chicken Salad



This is my favorite quick and easy salad I sometimes make for lunch on a busy weekday.

You can keep it really simple or add more ingredients you like like boiled eggs and cheese.

You can also use a hot buffalo sauce or if you don’t like spicy things you can make it with a mild buffalo sauce.

If you want more crunch then you can also add croutons or small bread chips too!



Recipe:(Serves 4)


2 Tomatoes

1 Iceberg lettuce

2 Cucumbers

Fat free Ranch salad dressing (to taste)

1/4 Cup (or to taste) Buffalo wing sauce

10 Pieces chicken strips (breaded frozen)



1- Cook chicken strips in air-fryer (or oven) for 15-20 minutes on 400 f until fully cooked.

2- Chop vegetables and mix together.

3- Chop cooked chicken and mix with buffalo wing sauce.

4- Serve salad in bowls with buffalo chicken on top.

5- Pour some ranch dressing on top of the chicken to taste.

6- Enjoy!


I hope you liked this recipe! if you want to learn how to make Healthy Air-fried Crunchy Chicken Click Here!

Healthy Air-fried Crunchy Chicken

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