corona is a tough period for all of us, we all are suffering from it but in different ways.

Like some lost their job because it needs connection with other people, or they need to travel a lot.

Me as a student who suddenly starts studying online in the middle of the semester didn’t know how to manage my time since I’m attending classes in my cozy lovely room exactly on my bed.

We all agree that this pandemic changed the world upside down but also it changed stuff in us…

Like for me it gives me the ability to follow plans and it really helped me as a college student I called it “5 to go 2 to rest” which is basically I focus on studying and classes for 5 days then the left 2 days is for me to do whatever I want whether it’s a self-care, reading, drawing or hanging out.

So, here’s steps for how to make a simple and easy schedule for studying!!

You don’t actually need specific things to do it but here’s what I used; –

  1. Faber castell watercolors.
  2. White pen.
  3. Dark blue marker.
  4. Light green marker.
  5. 0.1 black marker.
  6. 3 black marker.
  7. Brushes.
  8. A4 white paper.
  9. Stickers for decorating.
  10. Black pen.

Since I’m having 5 courses in the semester I made 7×5 schedule

Then I wrote the days with the blue marker in the first column after using watercolors as a background then I used the white pen to make is more “cooler”

After that I start writing my classes with its time and designed it with watercolors as well

Then I designed it randomly with my friends (you can do it with friends, family or kids)

lastly I put it in front of my studying table to make it easier to see

And that’s it!!

I really hope that you enjoy doing it at home as I did, and I really hope you find 5 to go 2 to rest schedule as helpful as I did!

thanks for reading!!