Adam & Friends: Chapter One, The Director

This is Mr. McIntyre (pronounced as Mac-in-tire). Mr. McIntyre is a director. Right now, as you see, he’s sitting in his office with a notepad and pen and really shouldn’t be distracted at all. He’d even told his assistant not to call him or knock on his door for the rest of the day because he was working on a very important project. The only thing he asked him to do was give him some hot chocolate—Mr. McIntyre’s favorite drink.

If you were to look at his face right now, it would be obvious to you that he was stressed. The reason, you see, is that he’s focusing on which actors to star in his new movie, and when you’re a famous director who’s looking for actors to star in their movie, and are like Mr. McIntyre, you might very stressed.

And when you get very stressed, you decide to take a break. But when you take a break, you realize that merely taking a break isn’t enough. And when you realize that taking a break isn’t enough, you call your assistant on the phone and ask him to bring you some hot chocolate.

And while you sit there waiting for your hot chocolate to arrive, you start to get impatient because you hate waiting and cannot stand it. And when you are impatient, you start to get even more frustrated than you were before. And Mr. McIntyre becomes furious whenever he’s frustrated.

Someone knocks on the door.

“Come in!” he answers.

A man wearing a suit and glasses walks in. This is Mr. McIntyre’s favorite assistant, Billy. He is also his only assistant.

“I-I got the hot chocolate you wanted.” His voice shakes as well as his hands, the liquid nearly spilling all over the floor.

Without a single look, Mr. McIntyre said, “Set it on the table.”

Billy obeys, but his stomach drops at the sight of Mr. McIntyre’s face.

Is Mr. McIntyre upset? No. That can’t be. Everything on the to-do list he’d assigned for him to do yesterday are checked off. He surely hadn’t done anything wrong this time.

A flash of an image comes to mind: countless piles of dishes sat on the counters of the kitchen. The ones he forgot to clean the other night.

Darn it, Billy, you’re such an idiot! Are you trying to get yourself fired?

Mr. McIntyre picked up his cup of half-sweetened hot chocolate before turning in his chair towards the window behind him, the harsh 8 a.m. rays hitting his face.

At this point, he would say, “Good morning, Billy,” or “Did you start with the to-do list yet?”


That must be the reason why he told him not to bother him that day. Maybe it’s the silent treatment. Well, the only thing he can do now is own up to the mistake he made and fix the problem.

Billy takes a deep breath and asks the question he always asks whenever his boss seems upset. “Is there something wrong, Sir—?”


Billy jumps and nearly knocks his glasses off.

The familiar life-threatening expression returns to his boss’s face. “How many times do I have to tell you not to interrupt me while I’m having my hot chocolate?”

Oh, yes. The countless times he’s warned him not to speak had slipped his mind.

“I-I’m terribly sorry, Sir. I promise it won’t happen again.”

He proceeds to drink his hot chocolate, the room silent. Billy stands without a word and does nothing but give awkward, unintentional glances at his boss. One thing he learned is that it’s quite uncomfortable to stand in a room in silence with your boss because apparently he’s forgotten to give you permission to leave, which leaves you hesitant and afraid that if you do leave, it will cause your boss to yell at you for an hour about how you weren’t supposed to leave without his permission, like the last time. He tries his best to look at anything but his boss, who sipped his drink very loudly. Clearly he enjoyed the relaxation after all the stress.

After about a minute, he turned around and set the empty cup on the table. “Now. You were saying?”

Caught off guard, Billy grasps through memory for what he wanted to say. “I… I wanted to ask if everything was alright, Sir.”

Mr. McIntyre sighed, that upset look on his face once again. “No, Billy. Everything is not okay.”

“What happened?”

“I can’t find anyone to star in my movie. No one showed up to the auditions because they thought it was going to be like the last one.” He sighs. “Maybe it’s time I move on to different project.”

“But you can’t, Sir. You’ve worked so hard on this movie.”

Convinced he’d found the solution for his boss’s problem, he said, “Why don’t you try casting someone different?”

He looked up. “What do you mean?”

“Well, when I went on a trip to the grocery store the other day, I passed by the orphanage and saw something. It was an acting school for gifted students with a sign that said, ‘Free Casting,’ and the moment I saw it I thought it would be great to—”

“Billy, that’s the only amazing idea you’re ever come up with in your sad, boring life!” The look that appeared whenever he had a hit idea was revived once again.

“What? But I didn’t get to the idea yet.”

“Say no more, Billy.” He stands. “Your idea is perfect.”

What is he talking about?

“We’re gonna go to that place and use the orphans to star in the movie!”

Billy held back his laugh. “What? I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say—”

He heads towards the door. “Everyone’s going to love it! Once we get orphans to be in this movie, it’s going to be the best one yet!”

“But that sounds like a terrible idea.”

Doorknob in one hand, hat in the other, Mr. McIntyre said, “Billy, grab my jacket. We’re going to that orphanage right now!”

The man did as he said. He went straight to the orphanage without hesitation. Because when your boring, good-for-nothing assistant finally gives you a mildly interesting idea, you get overly excited. Especially if that idea involves going to an orphanage in hopes of getting one of the kids to star in your movie.

Or was his idea something completely different? Oh well, he didn’t care.

Mr. McIntyre knocks on the doors of the orphanage. The door opens to a young boy who stared up at them as though they wore clown suits and had arrived at the wrong place for a party.

“Who’s in charge here?” Mr. McIntyre asks.

“Mr. Garfield is,” the boy said, a skeptical look on his face.

The man asks, the name odd-sounding, “So where is this… ‘Mr. Garfield?’”

“I’m right here. Is there anything you want?” A man appeared from behind the boy.

The director smiles. “I wanted to speak to you about something.”

The boy watched them as Mr. Garfield led the men to the office.

Mr. Garfield motions to the chair for the man to sit in before sitting in front of him. “Have a seat.”

He does.

“Now, is there anything you wanted to talk about, Mr…?”

“Mr. McIntyre. Sullivan McIntyre. One of the world’s most famous film directors.”

“Okay, then.” Mr. Garfield wasn’t quite interested in that kind of stuff.

“Now, I happened to walk by your orphanage and couldn’t help but notice how your orphans have an amazing talent in acting. So my assistant and I decided to come over here and ask if you would be willing to take the offer of letting your orphans star in my biggest movie.”

A few seconds of silence passed by in the room. The look on Mr. Garfield’s face showed the poor man had no idea or interest in what this director was talking about. From the looks of it, Mr. McIntyre thought he probably didn’t even watch movies to begin with. “Well, I’m not really sure about—”

“Picture this: your orphans are going to be known as ‘the famous orphans who turned from living in an orphanage to living the dream’. They’ll be so famous everyone will be paying lots of money just to see them star in one of my movies.”

He closes his eyes in annoyance and shakes his head. “Mr. McIntyre, I’m sorry, but these kids will not be taken advantage of like that. I’m going to have to turn down that ridiculous offer.”

“Why not? This might give these orphans a chance to have what most kids are only wishing they had!”

“I don’t like the way you’re using the word ‘orphan’. You’re using it like it’s a tool for advertisement. They’re not just orphans; they’re real children with unique personalities.”

“Come on! Don’t you want to shed a little light on their lives?”

He frowned. “These children are perfectly happy the way they are. Unlike you, they don’t need any sort of money or fame to have a good life. If you want to give them any money, the least you can do is donate. You can leave now. The door is right behind you.”

Mr. McIntyre stared at him with a look on his his face where, if you were in Mr. Garfield’s place, you would know exactly how he was feeling. He was angry. The flames of his eyes burn sharp, his face red.

He stands.

For a moment, Mr. Garfield thought he was going to hit him, or even worse—strangle him.

But no. All he does is place the hat on his head and turns to leave before he left him with words he made sure to utter very carefully. “You’re going to regret this decision very soon, Mr. Garfield. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

The door slams shut.

Once they’re outside and far enough from the orphanage for no one to hear, he says, “Darn it! I can’t believe how he just turned down the offer like that!”

Billy asks, “What are we going to do now, Sir? Are we going to carry out my original plan—”

“Don’t worry, Billy,” he said with a smile on his face. “I have a better plan.”

Oh, great.

Caiden steps out of the bus, chatting with his friend Timothy about how he almost forgot to do his homework when he nearly bumped into someone. Because obviously, when you’re too busy having a conversation with your friend, you don’t really pay attention to your surroundings.

He looks up.

Standing over him is a tall man with a mustache who wore a black suit and a black hat. Another man (who seemed to be his assistant or something) stood right beside him.

The man merely smiles at him, the smile (for a reason he couldn’t quite put his finger on) ringing a bell of the feeling of an “I will take over your orphanage and turn it into a storage place for one of my companies because that’s what I’m planning on doing” for some odd reason.

His friend stares at him, clearly hesitant to ask, “Do you know him or something?”

Caiden turns to his friend. “Sorry, Timmy. I’ll catch up with you later.”

Timothy leaves while he looks at them strangely, but doesn’t question his friend. Because when you see a tall man wearing all black and standing beside someone who is probably their assistant, and by the looks of it wanted to have a very important conversation with your friend, you don’t usually want an explanation for something like that.

When his friend is out of ear-shot, Caiden speaks. “Don’t try to pull nay tricks on me. I already know what you’re up to.”

The man lets out laugh that was close to “mwahaha” kind of laugh. “Looks like you’ve already heard of me, little boy.”

“Yes, I have.” Caiden starts to walk away. “And whatever you do, you’re not going to trick me. I’m not acting in any of your stupid movies. Not after your last one.”

He continued as if Caiden hadn’t spoken at all. “I heard you love to illustrate.”

How does he know that? Did he spy on him? Well, knowing he would do anything to get what he wanted, he most likely made one of his assistants find out for him. He awkwardly crosses his arms. “Yes… I do.”

“Well, I just wanted to let you know that if you maybe wanted to act for me, I might help you become a professional illustrator. All I have to do is call up one of my professional artists and tell them to look at some of your drawings… Who knows? Maybe one day they can put one of your works in an art gallery.”

Caiden stops in his tracks. What if he does accept the offer?

Caiden imagines how it would be to stand in front of one of his biggest art pieces, everyone snapping pictures of him while he stands beside the interviewer who would ask him, “So, Caiden. How did you come up with the idea for this amazing painting?” to which he would answer with, “Well, it came to me pretty easily, I’d say. All I had to do was think about what was bothering me and how I could put down the way I was feeling on the canvas. Kind of like a coping mechanism for me whenever I’m not feeling that bright. It’s how I do all of my pieces.”

The man would continue to interview him, all of these people in the gallery asking him to sign their autographs afterwards and: “How much for this painting?!”

What a dream it would be.

Wait a minute. Was he just standing there daydreaming this entire time?

Snap yourself out of it, Caiden!

He shakes his head and turns back around. “Look. Whatever you’re trying to do, it’s not going to work. Using your money wouldn’t automatically fix every problem in life. Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you can have everything you want. You could wake up one day and find everything gone. What would you do then?”

Face blank, the man tries his best not to allow his face to reveal his inner thoughts.

Caiden looked at the man with a stern look on his face and said so that he would understand him, “Listen, whatever your name is. If you think you can take advantage of me just because I’m an orphan or that I’m weak… you thought wrong.”

Both Mr. McIntyre and his assistant watched as the young boy walked away.

Billy had a hint of astonishment in his voice. “Wow. I can’t believe a kid just said that to you.”

“Shut up, Billy.”

Sullivan knows that he doesn’t want a nine-year-old child to stop him from doing what he wanted. He would do anything. Anything he could possibly do to show him otherwise. To prove to him that what he had just said would be the very words he would regret to have ever said to one of the biggest directors in history.

“I won’t give up just yet, Caiden.” He still looks in his direction. “I’ll make sure that one day, you’ll be begging to be in one of my movies. It doesn’t matter how smart you think you are. Just you wait.”

The Ice Lady: A short winter story

“Haven’t you heard?”

“Heard what?”

“You don’t know? About the missing people lately?”

“Oh my God!? Missing people?”

“Yeah, apparently there has been a large number of kidnappings lately this winter. The police have been on nonstop investigations all night. Have you seriously not noticed?”

“I guess I have seen a lot of police cars around… I’ve kinda been cooped up on college work so it must have just flown over my head. Tests are next week after all.”

“No way really!?”

“My God. So while I’ve been busting my butt off trying to study, you’ve been sucking up gossip? Is this even for real?”

“Hahaha… Yeah, my bad. But what I’m telling you is one hundred percent the truth! I even got a notice on my door telling people to stay inside during the night!”

“Wow… Hope they catch whoever is doing this…”

“Yeah, you’re telling me… Anyway! So about that test… “

“No I’m not gonna help you-”

The two college students continued to ramble on about their college studies in the seat ahead of mine. I really don’t understand how people can just talk so loudly in public spaces like that, but then again I was being pretty nosey. Like that other student, I actually had no idea about this either, and I even work the night shift. I mean I never trusted walking around at night anyway, and always stay prepared. But I need to pay the bills, and hearing about some psychopath out there stealing people at night was making me begin to wonder if I can hold off this month’s rent. Maybe I could just hold off on the electrical usage… but that would also mean less internet… Less tv… and possibly freezing to death in my sleep… “I really need to get a better paying job…” I mumbled to myself pitifully.

“Here’s your coffee Mr. Maple!” The woman at the cashier exclaimed.

“Oh! Y-yes!” I said awkwardly, raising my hand and getting out of my seat.

“Take care now, make sure to stay inside, I’m sure you heard the rumors,” She smiled, lightly indicating at the loud students, who were still arguing about studying. She was an attractive lady, with beautiful back hair.

“I’m sure everyone in here has,” I grabbed my coffee, which was a little hot, ”Thank you. Have a safe night.”

She chuckled as I walked out of the cafe.

Feeling pretty good that I made a pretty lady laugh as part of my morning, and that she drew a small heart and smiley face on my cup beside my name, which could mean anything but I let my imagination wander, I walked to work with a bounce in my step. Even work was going pretty smoothly. Didn’t have to deal with a single idiot of the grocery store! Unfortunately, my streak of good feelings had eventually run dry. On my way home I noticed a large number of police cars investigating a broken window at a nearby hotel. And I couldn’t help but wonder if we were even safe inside our own homes. But I’d like to see some crazy person try and attack me in my own home. I’ve watched all the home alone movies at my grandma’s this Christmas and I’m now fully prepared… and I have a gun… But that’s beside the point.

“Hello, Mr. Maple syrup!” A small child’s voice called out to me as I was walking to my apartment.

“Oh hello there, little goblin,” I turned and said with a smirk.

“I’m not a little goblin!” The child puffed up, “I’m a huge ogre!”

“Haha, sure thing buddy,” I shuffled his hair.

This was my neighbor’s son, little Johnny, though he hates it when we call him little. He was a rowdy little boy, hence why I called him a goblin. But he was also a sweet kid. He would always come over to my apartment asking me to join him in his shenanigans, or join me on mine for that matter. His parents were really cool people, often inviting me to dinner sometimes. They were also cops or at least worked in that field, so they were often not home. I definitely felt safe having people like them as neighbors.

“What are you up to anyway?” I looked over to his yard. It was covered in snow, and was scattered with snowmen of all sizes, some with hats, some with childish attempts at faces, his mother was also outside watching him on a chair, she waved, “Making an army?”

“Yeah! Dad said there were bad guys around, so I wanted to show them what I’m made of!” He flexed with pride.

“Wow, you definitely did a good job, if I was a bad guy I’d definitely be worried about that army!”

“Heheh!” He snickered, rubbing his nose, and took off to his yard, “Cya maple syrup! I gotta get back to work!”

“Cya buddy.”

Walking back to my apartment, I noticed there were drawings on my window, they were a random array of faces similar to those on the snowmen from earlier. I guess this was his way of protecting me from the bad guys. Luckily they were drawn using the precipitation on the glass. They were cute either way, and it felt rude to wipe away something someone made for me, so I just left them there. Work was probably the most exciting part of my day, once I was home I didn’t do much. I mostly just surfed the internet and I didn’t have many hobbies, I’ll probably need to work on that… Eventually, after a day of doing nothing and having pizza for dinner, it was time for my night shift, though I doubted anyone would go shopping at night with the recent news. And sure enough, I was right. Barely anyone came to the store. I mostly just sat at the cashier playing phone games.

“Hey maple, could you take out the trash? You’ve been sitting on your butt all night.” A coworker asked.

“It’s not my fault no one’s coming to buy midnight twinkies dude,” I said begrudgingly getting out of my seat, ”Alright fine.”

“Thank you sir.” They said with a smile.


Outside at night was way chillier than it was during the day, so by the time I opened those cold glass windowed doors, I was already regretting it. The parking lot was completely empty, the only cars being there are those belonging to the workers. I was never one to really be scared of the night or the dark. But the flickering street lights and tall looming trees surrounding it weren’t exactly helping. Now of course being outside at night you’d naturally get chills. But while I was coming back from throwing out the trash, I had gotten a particularly spine crawling chill that ran up the center of my back and my hairs stood on end. I quickly turned around and looked about to see if anyone was there. There was nothing around me, in the parking lot, or the trash can. Scanning around eye level, I noticed a flash of something in my peripherals… Higher up… In the trees. When I turned to get a better look, the area where I thought I had seen something was vacant. Maybe I was just being watched by an owl, those guys can be creepy after

all. Have you heard what their children sound like? The stuff of nightmares. After successfully calming my nerves and reassuring myself. I went back inside to finish my shift. And not feeling like taking any chances, I asked my coworker to drive me home. They finally made it to the front of my apartment, we wished each other a good night and they left. Watching as their car drove away my eyes naturally drifted off to my neighbor’s yard. The neighborhood was well lit so it wasn’t too difficult to see out there. I’m surprised I didn’t notice it before, but all of little Johnny’s snowmen had been destroyed and snow was scattered everywhere. Looks like he had fun earlier today. I’ll have to ask him how the battle went tomorrow. I finally entered my apartment, got changed, and went straight to bed. I struggled to sleep, getting weird nightmares of flashing faces, smiling faces… Almost childlike drawings of smiling faces… and one large… cold and icy skinned… smiling face… whispering… “I… LOVE… YOU… “… It was a rough repeat of that for a while, but I finally got some rest.

The morning walk to the coffee shop was rough, but I eventually made it. Two people left the coffee shop with a ring. It was little Johnny’s parents. They were dressed in casual clothing, but apparently, they decided to come here and get some coffee for the morning while Johnny was at school. I guess everyone is trying to get work done during the day while they could. I don’t blame them. I entered the Coffee shop. To my surprise when I entered it was surprisingly quiet. The two college students that were usually chatting up a storm weren’t there. And I guess with them missing it basically changed the whole mood of the cafe. I really hope they are just taking that test they keep blabbering about. At least the pretty cashier was there… I should probably ask her name instead of calling her the pretty cashier, but I don’t really know her like that? What if she thinks I’m some sleazy dude trying to hit on her, I mean it would be cool to like get to know her more but-

“Mr. Maple?” 

“Huh!?” I said out loud like a moron. Realizing I zoned out while walking to the cashier, “Oh, I uhh… Can I have the usual please… “

She chuckled, “Alright, and my name is Morrisa by the way.”

“Oh… You heard?”


My ears felt like they were burning. A humiliating morning this is becoming…

“Cheer up buddy, “ She handed me the coffee.

“That was quick,” I said, moping.

“Lucky for you we have this stuff ready for repeat customers, on the house,” She winked,” Have a nice day sir.”

“O-Oh! Yeah, you too!” I walked with a bounce in my step once again.

Walking out the door, I checked my coffee cup to see those drawings again. The heart, and the smiley face. Suddenly a flash of that dream came to my head, and I basically instinctively threw the coffee to the floor, without taking a single sip… I considered going to get a second coffee… But I felt embarrassed enough as is…

“A humiliating morning… Indeed.” referring back to my moping form, I marched to work in silence.

It was a tiring work day.

Walking back to my apartment with only the thought of the sweet sanctuary of my bed. A goblin appeared before me.

“Wow Maple Syrup you look tired!” The boy said, holding a snowball.

“Oh really? Glad you noticed… “ I said sarcastically, but it seemed to have flown over his head, for he just gleamed even more proud than normal. The thought of the yard came back to mind, “Hey, did you have some sort of snow fight yesterday?”

“Nope, but some meany came by and ruined my army! I swear I’ll find them and throw snowballs in their nose!” The little boy puffed up.

“Huh…” For some reason, that made me uneasy.
“Do you draw on your windows Maple Sirup?”

“What? No- why’d you ask?”

“Cuz I’ve been seeing drawings on your windows a lot. You really can’t draw haha!”

“What! You’re not the one doing them? C’mon, you can’t fool me, little goblin.”

“No! I’m serious!… Okay, maybe I drew some of them but not all of them! That’s only cuz they were there and I wanted to show you I can draw better-”

“What- wait- What do you mean ‘not all of them’?”

“The upside-down smiley face, I didn’t do it,” He pointed to my window, “See, you have one now.”

I turned to look, and low and behold there it was. An eerie and uncanny resemblance to those in my dreams

“Ugh… Look, I’m tired, Johnny… I can’t play around today, I’m gonna go to sleep.”

“Hmph, okay.” He poked his tongue at me and ran to his yard.

I walked to my apartment and wiped off the window. I walked inside, took my shoes off, took my jacket off, walked to my couch, and crashed.

Leeeeet… meeeee… iiiiiiiiiiiin…

Oooopeeeen… the doooooooor…

Draaawwwwwwww onnnnnn the windowwwwwww…

Draaawwwwwwww onnnnnnn the windowwwwwww…


I woke up with a jerk. My head was sweaty and I felt light-headed. The lights were off and the TV was playing. Some TV dramatic romance was playing, the male actor kept trying to confess his love to some lady, only to be rejected. I turned off the TV and pulled out my phone to check the time. There was no service and it was 8:30 PM. I was thirty minutes late for work. Just when I was getting ready to freak out, I noticed it was way colder than usual and heard a strange whistling sound. I looked outside and it was a blizzard. Everything was buried in snow. Well, I guess I was definitely not going to work. My mind was still fuzzy and honestly after everything that happened I probably wasn’t going to. I turned some lights on and decided to warm things up.


I heard loud banging at my door.


“I’m coming, I’m coming!” I said irritated. Who could even be at my door in such weather? I grabbed my gun before I got closer. I had a horrible feeling about this

When I got closer to the door I could hear whimpering. And quickened my pace. Looking through the little hole on my door, I saw a child crying. It was little Johnny. I opened the door.

“M- Mm- Maple S- S- S- Syrup!” The poor, freezing boy could barely get his words out.

“Johnny! What in the world are you doing out here this late! And in this weather no less!” I said closing the door and bringing him to my couch.

“M- Mommy a- a- and Daddy n- n- n- never came home! A- a- a- and I was scared!”

“What? But you should have just stayed home and waited!”

“But I was scared!” He jumped into my chest and started sobbing.

I held him gently and rubbed his back, “It’ll be okay buddy… It’ll be okay… I’m sure your mom and dad are just fine. It was very brave of you to come here, but that was very dangerous, next time call me okay?”

He sniffed all the snot that began to run from his nose,” O- o- Okay.”

Suddenly the realization of the lost service made me feel a little dumb for saying that.

“Want some juice?”

“Y- yes please…”

I got up to fix him some juice to drink and sat back down with him. “Your parents are cops, right? Do you know where they went?”

“They said they had to go do some investigating, and it would take them a while… They said they would be back soon but… “

“That’s alright buddy,” I said cheerfully, trying to lighten up his mood, “Hey, how about we play some video games?” I got up to get my games and consoles from the closet.


I haven’t touched my games in a while, been too lazy to really take them out ever since I put them in there. Johnny sat on the couch watching TV as I dug through the closet. I found my controllers and the console in one box thankfully, now I don’t need to go running back and forth. As I got to lift a box a whisper sounded in my head, “Leeeeeet meeeeee iiiinnnnnnn”, the chill ran up my spine and I turned. Johnny was at my window. My heart sank. Johnny was drawing a smiling face, and above him, on the window, was a much larger drawing of a smiling face, upside down, and dripping. I ran to the window, I ran as fast as I can, faster than I’ve ever run in my entire life, to pull him away. The window violently broke open. I hoisted johnny and threw him away. And when I turned back, there waited a face upside down, a face cold and icy, a face not drawn…

Before I could reach my gun. I hand emerged from the wind. Large, cold, Icy fingers grabbed a hold of my head. Along with Johnny’s whales, a hollow cackling can be heard. The hand dragged me from the living room and out the window. Sharp pains were felt in my back and arms as I hit the snow. The blizzard blew loudly, and the wind howled. Amidst the struggling lights of this blizzard night, stood a figure so tall, with hair of equal length, eyes that gleamed white in the night, and a smile vacant of life. I struggled to get myself back up, large lacerations were on my body from that broken window. She walked to me in strides, slowly, twitching like a corps. The door to my apartment flew open, and Johnny screamed.

“MAPLE!” He whaled, clutching in his hand the gun. 

She turned to Johnny, in a swift and stiff motion, still leaking laughter.

Johnny winced and whimpered, and pointed the gun to her, BANG! He fell to the floor. 

It howled, a sound so blood-curdling and so cold, but still holding that smile. She then began to stride towards him, with long hands extended.

Johnny struggled to get his bearings, and merely curled into a ball and screamed.


He looked at the gun, then me, and threw it.

She paid no mind to it and continued forward.

“GET INSIDE JOHNNY!” I demanded, running for the gun, my back, and arm in excruciating pain.

In the nick of time, he delved into the house before her hands could get to him.

She sat there frozen, and the air grew colder.

I grabbed the gun and aimed it at her. My body was beginning to numb the pain, adrenalin pumped through my body. Her head turned like an owl, her eyes piercing my own, it was almost like she could freeze me, turn me into stone. She then began to move faster than she did before. She ran for more. Loud icy laughter pierced the cold air. I took a breath and pulled the trigger. BANG BANG BANG BANG! She screamed and flailed, and for the first time. Holding her face, she turned to me with rage. BANG BANG BANG BANG! I continued to shoot as she charged in pursuit of me. She started to scream words, “IIIIiiiIIIIiiii LLlllOOOoooVVVeeeEEE YyyYYoooUUUUuuuUU!!!”, unlike her smile, and her laugh, those words carried emotion. But it was a terrifying emotion, it was not love, it was lust, hunger… BANG BANG BANG BANG! The last bullet echoed in the blizzard, and once it made contact with her face, her head exploded and so did the rest of her. There was no blood, no organs, no flesh, only snow. The only blood that laid there was my own. She vanished into thin air. Johnny came running to me, but he seemed to slowly disappear into the blizzard, and everything was going away… I was very tired… and all I could hear were sirens…

“Haven’t you heard?”

“Heard what?”

“You don’t know!? Oh c’mon now-”

“Oh wait! About the kidnapper?”

“YES! So you’re not as clueless as I thought.”

“Yeah, haha, they apparently finally apprehended them!”

“You don’t need to tell me, you’re the one I needed to check on. The world could have ended and you’d have no idea.”

“If that’s the way you think! How did you do on that test then? Hmm?”

“Er, we don’t speak of that. EITHER WAY! I can finally rest easy at night.”

“Yeah, they said some guy fought him off and called the cops!”

“Man, really? Did they take any pictures?”

“No, apparently the all info is ‘disclosed to the public’, I wish I could at least take a selfie with the guy.”

“Bruh, you don’t think it was aliens do you?”

“WHAT!? Don’t be ridiculous, and don’t say stuff like that in public! People are gonna think we’re crazy!”

“Well I mean… “


Those two are as lively as ever. But the guy they are talking about is me! They would probably never believe me though… This coffee shop seems to be back to its same old self… The only thing that’s different now…

“Excuse me. Mr. Maple, your coffee is ready.” The man at the cashier exclaimed.

“Oh! Y-yes!” I said awkwardly, raising my hand and getting out of my seat.

“Take care now sir. Have a good day.” The cashier gave me my coffee.

“Thank you. You too.” I grabbed my coffee, which was a little hot, and began to walk out of the cafe.

Two individuals were standing outside the door. When I walked outside it was much easier to tell who they were. It was little Johnny’s parents, except instead of standing in casual attire they were in black uniform.

“Good morning Mr. Maple.” Alice greeted me first, then her husband.

“Goodmorning!” I greeted them back, but still feeling a bit uneasy about the approach I couldn’t but ask, “Is… Is something the matter?”

“Hahaha! No no son you’re fine,” John bellowed in laughter.

“We just need to ask you a few questions alright?” Alice reassured.

“Oh- Okay.”

“Now, first things first,” John reached into his pocket, “Have you by any chance…” He pulls out a photo, “Seen this person?”

It was a picture of a woman with fair skin, and black hair. It was a picture of the former cashier… I took a look at my cup, and there was just my name…


Easy Ramadan Light Up Canvas In 3 Simple Steps! (Video)

Today’s post is about a super simple craft you can make for Ramadan in 3 easy steps, using mainly a painted canvas and fairy lights.

So lets get started!

Materials needed:

-A blank canvas or a painting

-Acrylic paint and paint brushes

-A screwdriver or something pointy

-Fairy lights

Duct tape


Step 1:

  • Create a painting on the canvas, or skip this step if you already have one.


Step 2:

  • Poke holes in the front of the canvas.


Step 3:

  • Put the fairy lights through the holes in the canvas and tape them using duct tape.


And that’s it!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Be sure to subscribe to this blog to stay up to date with more creative tutorials!



Super Easy, Cute Snowman Family/ Art Tutorial

The first thing you think of when you hear the word “Winter” is probably “Cold” or “Snow”, and since it is winter time right now as i’m making this post, I’ve decided to make a cute winter themed art tutorial for all of the people out there who just love the winter!

So grab your art tablet! or pencils and Sketchbooks and lets start drawing with this “Cute Snowman Family Tutorial)!

Step 1: Draw 4 circles, 2 snowman heads and 2 bodies.The head circles should be a little bit smaller than the body circles.

Step 2: draw 4 twigs for the snowmen’s hands

Step 3: Draw 2 hats for the snowmen. 1 with a bow for the girl and 1 with a ball for the boy.

Step 4: Draw 2 scarves for the snowmen. 1 stripe for the boy and 1 with a bow for the girl.

Step 5: Draw a cute little baby snowball in front of the snowman.

Step 6: Erase the highlighted parts of the drawing to make everything clean and neater.(The snowmen’s head circles, the top part of the body circles under the scarves,and a part of the bottom circle in behind the baby snowball.

*It should look like this after erasing the highlighted areas:

Step 7: Draw Smiley faces on the snowmen and add eyelashes for the girl.

Step 8: Color your snowman family using your favorite colors!

I chose Red and pink for the girl and blues for the boy.

I hope you liked this tutorial! be sure to

send me a picture of your snowman family drawing so I can add it to the guest gallery!

  you can also download a printout of this drawing as a coloring page soon!

If you would like to see another tutorial like this comment your ideas below!

7 Easy And Simple Ways To Beat Art Block

 Art block is usually a random occurrence in which one loses inspiration and motivation to draw.

by MonElisa

So what are some things you can you do if you get art block?


1.Try an online art prompt generator

You can search online for art prompt generators.using an art prompt generator is a fun and easy way to get new ideas for your art. My favorite art prompt generator to use is the Art Prompt Generator

just choose a category and begin!

2. Doodle

Get a piece of any kind of paper and just draw anything you want on it, after a few minutes of doodling you might feel more creative and motivated to create a new piece of artwork.

3. Go outside

Going outside is probably the easiest thing you can do to get rid of art block, you can go to the park and look at nature or kids playing while sitting on a bench, or you might want to go to a cafe and think of new ideas while looking at the people and sipping on some tea or coffee.

4. Do something fun

Play your favorite video game, Go swimming, Watch your favorite show, or Ride a bike. Doing fun things helps you to feel creative.

5. look at art from your favorite artists

Go to the websites of your favorite artist and admire their artwork to get motivated and inspired.

6. Try something new with your art

Think of something that you didn’t do before (or you don’t usually do) with your art, you can draw or paint in a different style, try using new and different colors, or even try using new and different art tools you don’t usually use.

7. Relax

If none of these ideas worked of you then maybe you just need to relax for a bit before feeling creative again. You can take a bubble bath, read your favorite book or take a nap.

What do you do when you have art block?

Tell us in the comments below!

Digital Art vs Traditional Art: Which Is Really Better?

There are many differences between

digital art and traditional art that

you should know.


1- Costs

For digital art, the only things you might need to pay for are:

  1. an Art tablet

A good art tablet can be

  1. a laptop
  2. or a media tablet and a stylus pen


For traditional art you might need many things such as:

  1. Paints
  2. paintbrushes
  3. an apron
  4. canvases etc……

and some things you’ll need to buy many times which can get quite expensive.

2- Mess

  • Traditional art is a lot messier than digital art, especially when using paints and water.
  • for digital art you might only need to keep your tablet or whatever you’re using wiped clean.

3- mistakes

  • with digital art it is easier to fix mistakes simply by pressing the undo button or using the eraser on the layer where the mistake is.
  • With traditional there are no layers so you’ll have to go over the paint  to fix any mistakes.


  • With traditional art you can feel the texture of the paper or paint but with digital art you can only feel the texture of the tablet you’re using.


  • Digital art is very portable depending on what you’re using. you might need to pack everything in one or multiple bags if you want to take your work in progress with you to a different place.

6- Work space

  • For both digital art and traditional art ,how much work space you need also depends on what tools you’re using.

7- tools

  • Digital art and traditional art both share the same kinds of  tools but some are used in different ways.


  • Sharing your digital and traditional art can be done by printing it out or posting it to art websites or social media.


9- layers

  • For digital art you can draw and color on different separate layers, but for traditional art there are no layers.

10- time

The amount of time you spend on digital or traditional art both depend on how much practice you had and the difficulty  of the art piece youre trying to create.

So which one do you think is better?

Tell me what you think in the comments below!

The Essential Guide To Digital Art

pic of digital art devices

Here are 9 ways to get started with

your very first digital art work:

1- Find a good digital art program:

Finding a good digital art program is the first step to start making your own digital art work. here are some free programs I use:

  • Krita:

 Image by Krita

Krita is a professional FREE and open source painting program. It is made by artists that want to see affordable art tools for everyone.

By Krita

click here to Download Krita


  • Medibang

Image by Medibang

MediBang Paint is a FREE lightweight digital painting and comic creation program that comes loaded with brushes, fonts, pre-made backgrounds, and other resources.

By Medibang

Click here to Download Medibang


  • Gimp

Image by Gimp

GIMP gives artists the power and flexibility to transform images into truly unique creations.

by Gimp

click here to Download Gimp


2- After downloading a good program, choose one or more of these devices to draw with/on:

  • Art tablet

There are lots of art tablets with stylus pens to choose from, but it may come with or without:

  1. buttons
  2. touch
  3. a screen
  • Computer mouse

  • You can use a normal computer mouse to draw and color with but it will take a lot of practice to get good precision.
  • Laptop touchpad

Your laptop’s touchpad can also be used with good practice.

  • media tablet

Some digital artists use a media tablet (example: ipad, android tablet) with a stylus to draw.

note:You would have to download an app that supports your device.

3- Sketch

Now that you have a program and drawing device,in your program open a new canvas and do a quick sketch.

4- lineart

After you’re done with the sketch, (on a different layer) create a lineart over the sketch.

5- Color

Add a new layer layer under the lineart layer, and begin coloring with basic colors.

6- shade and highlight

after adding in the basic colors, now add some shading and highlights to make the drawing look better.

7-Fix mistakes

Now you’re almost done, but first look at your drawing again and fix any mistakes you made.


The last step is to make sure you add your signature somewhere in your drawing.

9- share

When you’re totally done with your art you can share it in different ways, here are a few ways to share your beautiful Digital artwork:

  • Print out:

You can print it out on nice paper at home or you can get it printed on anything(example: paper, canvas, mugs) at a professional print shop.

  • Sharing websites

You can also share your digital art online on websites like:

  1. Deviant Art
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram

 If you’ve reached this far, then congratulations! you have just created your very first digital artwork!.

Comment and ask me any questions below!


*Disclaimer: I do not own any pictures or websites in this post.

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