Amazing Quick and Easy buffalo Chicken Salad To Make Now!


Quick and Easy Buffalo Chicken Salad



This is my favorite quick and easy salad I sometimes make for lunch on a busy weekday.

You can keep it really simple or add more ingredients you like like boiled eggs and cheese.

You can also use a hot buffalo sauce or if you don’t like spicy things you can make it with a mild buffalo sauce.

If you want more crunch then you can also add croutons or small bread chips too!



Recipe:(Serves 4)


2 Tomatoes

1 Iceberg lettuce

2 Cucumbers

Fat free Ranch salad dressing (to taste)

1/4 Cup (or to taste) Buffalo wing sauce

10 Pieces chicken strips (breaded frozen)



1- Cook chicken strips in air-fryer (or oven) for 15-20 minutes on 400 f until fully cooked.

2- Chop vegetables and mix together.

3- Chop cooked chicken and mix with buffalo wing sauce.

4- Serve salad in bowls with buffalo chicken on top.

5- Pour some ranch dressing on top of the chicken to taste.

6- Enjoy!


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