7 Easy And Simple Ways To Beat Art Block

 Art block is usually a random occurrence in which one loses inspiration and motivation to draw.

by MonElisa

So what are some things you can you do if you get art block?


1.Try an online art prompt generator

You can search online for art prompt generators.using an art prompt generator is a fun and easy way to get new ideas for your art. My favorite art prompt generator to use is the Art Prompt Generator

just choose a category and begin!

2. Doodle

Get a piece of any kind of paper and just draw anything you want on it, after a few minutes of doodling you might feel more creative and motivated to create a new piece of artwork.

3. Go outside

Going outside is probably the easiest thing you can do to get rid of art block, you can go to the park and look at nature or kids playing while sitting on a bench, or you might want to go to a cafe and think of new ideas while looking at the people and sipping on some tea or coffee.

4. Do something fun

Play your favorite video game, Go swimming, Watch your favorite show, or Ride a bike. Doing fun things helps you to feel creative.

5. look at art from your favorite artists

Go to the websites of your favorite artist and admire their artwork to get motivated and inspired.

6. Try something new with your art

Think of something that you didn’t do before (or you don’t usually do) with your art, you can draw or paint in a different style, try using new and different colors, or even try using new and different art tools you don’t usually use.

7. Relax

If none of these ideas worked of you then maybe you just need to relax for a bit before feeling creative again. You can take a bubble bath, read your favorite book or take a nap.

What do you do when you have art block?

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